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    Mac Video Converter Reviews

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    Mac Video Converter Review

    Why Buy Mac Video Converter Software?

    We have all been there. There is a video on your computer that you want to watch. You click on it and get an error message. Usually the problem is that you do not have the application necessary to play the file. Another situation that often arises is when you try to sync a video file to an iPhone or other device to watch on the road – but when you try to get it on the phone, iTunes tells you that the file is not compatible with the device. Other times you load a video onto your computer or mobile device and it doesn't play right. It's too small, the aspect ratio is off, or some other weird compression issue ruins your watching experience. This can be maddening. Luckily, there is a simple solution.

    Mac video converters offer an easy way for you to get any video file to play on any device or application you own. Since almost all devices and applications have their own file type preferences, getting the right type for your device is crucial if you want to enjoy a video the way it was intended. Video converters for Mac not only allow you to create new files that will play on whatever device you happen to be carrying in your pocket – they can also optimize files for that specific device's screen size, resolution and other particular aspects.

    On this site, you'll find a comprehensive list of the best Mac video converters on the market today. Wondershare Video Converter, Aimersoft Video Converter and iMedia Converter earned top marks for their broad feature sets, wide format compatibility and intuitive designs. You'll also find articles about Mac video converters to help you make an informed decision.

    Mac Video Converters: What to Look For

    You have special issues to take into consideration when choosing a Mac video converter application. Many video file formats aren't compatible with Apple applications or products, so converting to the right format is vital. During our review process, we found several key features you'll want to look for when selecting your own Mac video converter.

    Any Mac converter worth its salt should be able to perform basic tasks like converting an AVI to an MP4. The best Mac video converters do much more. Features like batch conversions, the ability to download videos from popular sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and basic video editing tools all elevate a simple converter to a useful application that's worth the money.

    The best Mac video converters can also optimize files for specific devices such as smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. They should also enable you to create files specifically designed to be shared online.

    There are a lot of video formats out there, and it's not uncommon for even the lowliest video converter to be able to create any popular file type. The best Mac video converter software should have comprehensive file compatibility for both standard and high-definition videos. It should also be able to create device-specific files for both popular and obscure brands.

    Ease of Use
    Converting video files used to be a complicated task. These days, it should be a relatively simple affair. A good Mac video converter should have an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a large device-specific preset library. The combination of these features enables you to start the conversion process within less than a minute of launching the software.

    Help & Support
    Even the simplest software should have a good deal of customer and technical support available. The manufacturer's website should provide a support section that lets you find answers to FAQs, and email support in case you have a less common problem. The best applications even provide live chat services for the fastest possible support.

    At the end of the day, video file conversion should be simple, fast and effective. The best Mac video converter software makes what used to be a time-consuming chore into something you can take care of in just a few minutes.